Forget AI. We've got beavers.

These adorable little creatures will chat with site visitors so you don’t have to. Point them to your site, watch them learn, and let them chip away at visitor questions.

These Beavers can READ!

The reading comprehension of these beavers is insane. They will sift through all of the deep corners of your website and become experts, even when it’s a mess.

Want a human once in a while?

Sometimes the answer is not on your site and … beavers aren’t mind readers. Your customers can easily flag insufficient answers for follow up. Bonus: you get to capture their emails too 😃

Never answer the same question twice.

Stop spending time answering repetitive questions - leave it to the beavers. All they need is one example to know how to answer a similar question. Actually, beavers need more things, but let’s not get into that…

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